The Drama Queen

poem by: Allan P Stevens
Written on Nov 23, 2017

In a downtown bar after a drink or two
I heard shouts from a drama queen
I turned and said “who the hell are you”
Stop trying to cause a nasty scene 
Suddenly the chairs began to fly
As she started off world war three
I ducked down fast, looking to hide
As a beer bottle flew past my ear
There was commotion, emotion
Lots of violence and explosion
As she raised the joint to the floor
She was steaming and screaming
All the men began retreating
Like something I never seen before
The cops arrived in double quick time
To put a stop to the bar room brawl
The drama queen took them by surprise
She jumped them just inside the door
There was scuffling, shuffling
Plenty of pushing and shoving
She could fight like a cornered wild cat
There was biting, dirty fighting
Some say she was frightening
So I grabbed my coat stepped out back
Don’t know what happened next
Cos I got into a cab and went home
Never pick a fight with a drama queen
You may up with bloody nose
Remember folks
Never pick a fight with a drama queen
You may end with a bloody nose.


Tags: Humor, Rhyme, Anger, Fear,


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