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poem by: Sunshine E
Written on Nov 15, 2017

You think you had me
locked in your cage
swimming with the rest of your fishes
you think you ruined me
you think that I became
part of your shadow
but no more
no more hours to decide what looks normal
no more uncomfortable bra stuffing
no more tears
no more fights 
no more drama
no more 
You have ate the souls 
out of kids
you turned them into
your ocean
of so called 
But the reality
is you redefined 
as the only correct
way to live
skinny waste
big boobs
big butt
perfect hair
nothing that's stands out
because you brainwashed
thousands of minds
that beauty 
is on the outside
but no more
i will dress
in the clothes that i want
the style that i like
i will laugh at everything
I will not hide in your shadow anymore
i may be just one person
but the brave will follow suite
will not erase out lives


Tags: Happy, Love, Inspirational, Metaphor, Riddle, Encouraging, Hope, Imagery, Abstract, Wishful, Deep,

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Taha Hassan commented on Nov 16, 2017 at 1:10pm
Inspirational and true, Sunshine. Much loved. -T
Frank byrne commented on Nov 16, 2017 at 1:53pm
Intriguing poem...........I'm wondering....was you looking in the mirror when you wrote those that who you used to be??......fascinating...


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