Bad Love

poem by: Julius Brian Cruz
Written on Nov 15, 2017

Upon the deepest night, before the short arm passes four.
I await with delight, heard you knocking from my door.
“I’m home!” the stirring sound from lips.
I never knew why.... but you kept on coming home to my crib.

What are we my dear?,  I caught myself all flustered.
Whether lovers or strangers, does it really matter?
Cause whenever I’m with you, everything seems to turn black.
The sweetest taste of sin, that I can never seem to turn back.

You touch me with your lips, both burning of crimson love.
While rollicking fingertips, travels through warming shaft.
Your love as if a black hole, sucks me in closer and closer.
Like being devoured, that felt better as I get deeper.

You start to moan, with such an ear tingling sound.
Slipping from your clenched teeth, the most alluring song.
Your heart filled with bliss, racing with such swift pace.
Trembling before me, your beautiful red face....


Tags: Metaphor, Rhyme, Love, Imagery,


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