New Love

poem by: Denika Mica
Written on Nov 13, 2017

When you want to jump in, 
but the sign says don't splash. 
When the lights go off, 
but you still see his face. 
When your dreams come alive, 
Even as the night fades and daylight breaks. 
When you were expecting nothing, 
but got so much more. 
When you thought you were standing,
But your feet are not on the floor.
When everything points to this, 
but the warning labels are easy to miss. 
When all you want is this to be the last first kiss. 
Then hold on tight, because this is one ride you don't want to miss!


Tags: Happy, Love, Faith, Hope,


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New Love

poem by Denika Mica

When you want to jump in, but the sign say... Read more