Welcome to today, Im sorry that you came

poem by: Nemees ❤️
Written on Nov 10, 2017

the hallways
are flooded
with tears
that come 
from the mourning
of one of our own
two gunshots
from a officer
into this boy who only
knew thirteen years 
of a world
that is so cold
what happened to america?
what happened to
the united
in the states?
why cant we turn on the tv
without hearing 
about violence
that lurks our streets
swifter then
anything known to man
preying on the vulnerable
what happened to the world?
when did we gain the power
to destroy people
with a click of a mouse?
when did the flood
of never ending tears start?
every pair of eyes
that we look in
holds a reminder
of how alone
we are in this world
why did the man
who burned our church
to the ground
smile in the newspaper?
when did people
stop going to school
in fear of getting killed?
when did apple
become the best 
drug snorting
surface around?
why cant we all realize that
is not going to change
by itself?
When are we going to be
then ourselves?


Tags: Weird, Fear, Abstract, Hate, Imagery, Dark, Pain, Scary, Confused, Depressing, Metaphor, Sad, Wishful, Deep,

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Taha Hassan commented on Nov 10, 2017 at 6:27pm
You know when this place we call the world will get better, Sunshine? When we start fixing it. No matter if we are not enough. just try with every fiber of your being. stay close to the ones that understand you. -T


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