poem by: Darryl Ashton
Written on Nov 08, 2017

The 5th of November was 
sunny and bright
As we prepared for a party
on Bonfire night.
Fireworks stored safely, out
of harm's way,
And big jacket spuds on a
foil-covered tray.

Corn on the cobs and
chestnuts for roasting,
And squishy marshmallows
just perfect for toasting.
Frothey hot chocolate and
bottles of beer
To fill all the guests with
good food and good cheer.

The wood had been gathered
and piled up high
And there on the top sat 
a grumpy old guy.
His clothes stuffed with 
paper, his head filled with
His face looked as sad as
the rags that he wore.

For as he looked down
with a heart full of woe
At the scenes of excitement
unfolding below
He knew without doubt
that he'd soon be a goner;
A man made of paper can't
do a runner.

But what happened next
will astound you I swear
I heard Guy Fawkes utter
a heartrending prayer.
'Dear God, is it right that
they should celebrate
Such a treacherous deed
every year on this date?

'I know I committed a 
villainous act,
'And I cannot deny this
historical fact.
'I did wrong, but I paid
with my life back then
'So why do they kill me
again and again?

'They all give a cheer as
the flames leap higher
'And I perish once more
on my funeral pyre.
'Surely all vengeful 
demands have been met?
'Oh, when will they learn
to forgive and forget!'

Just then, from the moors
and hills over yonder,
Came the ominous sound
of approaching thunder.
The gathering clouds 
turned the sky granite grey
A terrible storm was now
heading our way.

The heavens burst open,
the rain flooded down
And we all ran indoors 
for fear we might drown.
We peered through the
windows, annoyed
and upset
Guy Fawkes, and our
bonfire, were all soaking

'Serves you right!' shouted
Guy, 'your plans are all
'Just as my own murderous
plot was foiled.
'Perhaps now you'll have
some respect for the dead
And celebrate something
less gruesome instead.'



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Janet Vick commented on Nov 15, 2017 at 4:06pm
Lots of imagery in these words, though I don't know who Guy is or was. Brought a smile to me and I enjoyed the read. Janet


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