Felt Like A Dream

poem by: Kristen Gunn
Written on Oct 13, 2017

It was dark and cold
I heard voices
But I couldn’t comprehend their words
It seemed like a dream 
A peculiar experience
And the tears just wouldn’t stop
I walked around 
But I didn’t feel like me
I’d just lost myself 
I lost hope of finding myself
And of ever being myself 
It was unbelievable how much I hated myself 
For not rescuing me sooner 

Now it felt, I was far too deep
My lungs almost completely taken over -
The persistent and fatal waves -
That just wouldn’t stop flowing
My face was wet
With the wretched ocean water
Along with the tears streaming endlessly
For the life lost
And still, I just wouldn’t scream


Tags: Hope, Dark, Abstract, Fear, Deep,

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Frank byrne commented on Oct 20, 2017 at 3:28pm
Intriguing poem Kirsten.......very...


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