The Evil One

poem by: Rhys Aquinas
Written on Oct 12, 2017

(From and for a good friend)

"Swearing is the last resort of a limited mind"
This is what my stepdad said,
But one day he was truly unkind:
On this day, he turned against me.
I thought he'd be above hypocrisy.

I was wrong.

He was effing and blinding.
"Sir," I said from across the room, "Don't you dare
At me swear!"
Up he got from his chair,
And crossed the room before I was aware.

He grabbed my hand, it hurt like Hell,
I saw in his eyes that he was unwell.

I ran away to sanctuary
"Holy Mary" I pleaded "Protect me."
I ran on further, to my blood-father,
I told him my story and said that I'd rather:
Stay with him: my loving Daddy.

Then I did begin to think,
As I wrote this down with ink:
Too many times has my mother put me in danger.

Derek was stepdad the first
All the time he swore and he cursed
He was violent and abusive, thief and liar
And his own alcoholism-denier.
He would attack me all the time
I hated him, and now I'm
Suffering from consequences of someone else's choices.
"Time to End it!" Listen to the voices.

Later there was Brian, you've heard about him:
The greatest hypocrite my mother let in.

(There were some in between but I'm not supposed to know)
See what has happened, it just goes to show:
That love should be between two good people.
Now I find myself, hands resting a-steeple.

Tears all in everyone's eyes,
I hear their whispers, whimpers and cries.
And now I sleep with my dear sister,
Oh, how I've missed her.

I see my Mother, wearing scarlet...

(God rest you, Tom and Marie)


Tags: Hate, Hope, Pain, Anger, Sad,


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