Divina Poetica

poem by: Julius Brian Cruz
Written on Oct 12, 2017

It’s not too long, when darkness consumed my soul.
Cause to live is hollow, nothing but a gaping hole.
Tried to paint dreams, but of no purpose, no known hope.
A world of blind puppets, both fake and controlled.

See the future my child, It’s bright...... it’s gold.
Beyond the painted reality, what price does it hold?
A useless receipt, that says, “your soul is sold”.
Maybe you shouldn’t trust me, but truth be told.

In the eyes of many, I am a deceiver, a criminal.
But let them judge me, after all ignorance isn't terminal.
Soon my day will turn to night, and all I am becomes trivial.
But I’ll never blend in, I’ll remain eternally “special”.

Lonely Lonely, writing my philosophy.
Hidden beneath words, Lies behind poetry.
A twisted perspective, a defective reality.
Help I Am “Human”, “Somebody Save Me!”.........


Tags: Abstract, Confused, Metaphor, Rhyme, Deep,


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