The New Look

poem by: Gerry Legister
Written on Oct 08, 2017

Your hair gathered in creamy layered,
Mirror into style where the wind rose, 
With liquid gold comb brightly flared, 
Today embraces the color you choose.

Where your beauty goes with the glow,
Flapping in royalty reigns, we can see  
The resemblance where the daisies grow, 
Smiling on that face many want to be.

You had a different shade a year ago 
Tarnished with brush, rain, and snow. 
I see your new look cool saturating hue 
In the turbulent perfumed window. 

Startling views fill with hairline curves,   
Where have the black pearls gone? 
Leave yourself with the magic drapes 
To find the new design catching on.

Nature never needs to ask for change of light 
Nor find reasons why the sunset has faded, 
With warmth, your personality is shining bright,
Nature's beauty and love make the finest grade.

When the Windrush lingers on gently,
And try to spoil your secret loveliness, 
Your naiad airs roam too indelible, 
from the grandeur that you possess.

The glow which flows down to the seas,
In freedom from restraining view, 
Beauty teasing the world at my knees,
A fantasy that shall always be you.


Tags: Humor, Metaphor, Imagery, Abstract, Wishful,

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Christopher Russon commented on Oct 23, 2017 at 9:03pm
A really lovely poem Gerry.


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