poem by: Julius Brian Cruz
Written on Sep 29, 2017

At times when everything, seems to be upside-down. 
And when your face, makes nothing but a nasty frown.
You'll find yourself staring, blankly from an empty window.
As your consciousness drifts, leave away this world's shadow.

Let me come to you then, and I'll take you to my world.
We'll travel to a place, indescribable by words.
You'll be my butterfly, In my garden of Rose.
And I'll be a bee, with a really pointy nose.

We'll soar endlessly, at the sky's twilight.
Watch the stars fall, under the night's moonlight.
Then I'll be holding your hand, and you can call me your home.
For when you take my hand dear, Never shall you dance alone...


Tags: Happy, Love, Rhyme, Imagery, Weird,


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