NIGHTBLOOM. by Jude kyrie

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Sep 25, 2017

Jude Kyrie 

The welcoming perfumes of spring   
are thick upon this night. 
And we shall be friends this night and me. 
The dampened sweetness of a lover's hair  
is now in the front of my memory. 

Senses overpowered by its fragrance. 
No sleep can disturb this awakening. the
Nectar of gods pouring its heady brew. 
Filling my glass to the brim. 
Intoxicating me beyond wine.
Immobile as I stand by the gate,
watching the bloom of silvered moonlight.
illuminating the tangled brambles 
of the wild clematis. 
Drinking deeply, the rest of the sweetness 
of this nightbloom.


Tags: Inspirational, Imagery, Wishful,


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