IF YOU GO AWAY..by Jude kyrie

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Sep 24, 2017

If You Go Away---By Jude Kyrie
If you go away as I know you will. 
Go on a summer day when the air is still 
And the sun is warm and the flowers shine 
And the world is sweet like summer wine. 

If you go away as I know you will. 
Leave when the nightbird's song is loud and shrill 
And there's no chance of rain in an azure sky. 
And the summer breezes cry goodbye. 

If you go away las I know you will. 
And the futures filled with only time to kill 
It will be kinder losing you on an afternoon 
When the world is sweet and the flowers bloom. 

If you go away.........

If you go away..........

If you go away..........


Tags: Sad, Love, Pain,

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Ja Ja commented on Sep 24, 2017 at 1:03pm
Sweet, your thoughts of letting go. Like the way your words just flow. If only love was that kind. Maybe letting go, we wouldn't mind Thank you for the read


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