Rainy Day People...by Jude kyrie

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Sep 24, 2017


Do you remember my darling
we were just children, 
it was so long ago.
We played in the summer rain.
Dancing in puddles.
Splashing in colored rubber boots.

Drenched with happiness
in the pouring rain.
I think that's when
I first fell in love with you.
I knew even back then
we would marry one day.

Remember we always
loved walking in the rain.
The olive green days 
of our life my love.
You, Me, the rain.

Then when the sickness came
you tried to hide it from me.
but I knew...I knew.....I knew
It was too strong for the
rain to wash away.

I remember that last day
my love.
you asked me is it raining?
I said yes my love.
It's rained all day.

Take me outside you whispered.
Dance with me in the rain
just one more time.
I carried you to the garden
we danced in the rain.

Then as you left me
I carried you to the window.
Two doves were sheltering 
from the rain.on our window sill.
as though waiting
to carry your soul to heaven.

I folded my heart into a love letter
and placed it in your soul.
Then kissed you goodbye
for the last time.
for you to read on 
rainy days my love.


Tags: Sad, Love,

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Christopher Russon commented on Sep 24, 2017 at 3:39pm
Excelent write memorable times.


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