Do You Think About all the Things You Said to Me

poem by: Jerremy Kirby
Written on Sep 13, 2017

I am so alone
Hiding my eyes from a world that deceived me
Blistered skin stretched out like a canvas on the floor
Hopelessly Hopeless
I am an ambiguous floating ball of light and death
Wounds reopened to dissect the once blood filled veins of my body
An army of thoughts cowarding inward to the soulless pit of my existence
Deranged naysayers throwing glass bombs at my feet
Oh God!
Where did the last of humanity scurry off to
Oh God!
Bliss-less suffering endures eternally through a fa├žade of sultry emotionless sex
The leaps and bounds became the void
And there's nothing left


Tags: Pain, Depressing, Sad, Dark,


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