poem by: Valerie Russon
Written on Sep 11, 2017

What is paradise?
Is it money,money and more money
Or could it be having a happy family life
Could it be the love and kindness 
We share with others.

What does paradise mean to you?
Is it the joy that you share with others 
and to see your children grow
Or is it an island of golden sand and blue sea .

Maybe it might there will be no more pollution 
And the air will smell sweet and clean
Life will joyful and happy again.

The earth will be clean and not dirty
The animals we see will be friendly
As we will be to them.

Life will be all so different in a way 
That no one tell or say
But your imagination can only 
Go so far to see  this paradise 
That we love which is so a far.


Tags: Happy, Hope, Wishful,


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poem by Valerie Russon

What is paradise? Is it money,money and more mon... Read more