Urban fox

poem by: Robert Kohlhammer
Written on Sep 11, 2017

In the windshield of moon ice scrapers
as an urban fox made a meal 
from plastic plates, cups and flying saucers
the firey racing  of a siren
the reddish brush of a coat of fur
the blue breath as slippery as a fingernail
on an overcast evacuation upon the
sunĀ“s salutation during a summers middle week day
a ray of reference numbers were like a self portrait
on the raining stickmen vague as vivid monet 
under terms of umbrellas and genres as long as capital letters
an inky fountain as perpendicular pressures held me steadfast
whilst the adrenalin rushed through my veins 
shifting books like reading  bold titles   
sprinkling  my higher educated infinitive  body defined
with the base instinct like an engineer experimenting
with the first spark of my mind 
as all the manual systems went down as a smoke filled room 
was examined for toxic fumes and whilst the evacuees resumed
and I doused my imagination in the waterproof silver kettle 
as I vanquished a steaming stream and entered  a local jungle
where the firefox was a trained automatic pilot and so as calmly tamed.


Tags: Metaphor, Dark, Abstract,


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