To: You

poem by: Rachel Cartwright
Written on Sep 11, 2017

What do I do, what do I say
How can I change your skies of grey?
I think about you everyday
What can I do to change your way

It haunts me almost everyday
To think you might do this someday
I’m in pain to know you’re not okay
It saddens me you feel this way

Oh please don’t do this to yourself
I know there is another way
Please don’t give up; don’t end this war
For the terror will soon go away

I've tried to stop you so many times
And told you what I had to say
But seems like it’s just never enough
What do I do, before it’s too late?

Don’t you know that I really care?
I pray for you night and day
That God will help you out of this
And show you the right way

Just think how bad that I would feel
It makes me want to cry
And all the pain you would put me through
If you were to ever die

Please don’t leave me all alone
You mean so much to me
Just think of all the good things
And think about what you could be

You were never meant to throw
Your precious life away
Please keep pressing on, my friend
For everything will be okay

Please keep in mind what I told you
It would never fix anything
It would only make things worse
For today is only temporary

Forever is eternal


Tags: Deep, Dark, Pain, Depressing, Sad,


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