poem by: Braverman Waltz
Written on Sep 10, 2017

what tragedy has become me,that man has taken possession of my soul what life has stolen breath.i am alive,i am awake and through the streets I roam,in awe, through eyes of distorted color and wonder I see,and I see again the nails in wood and steel, glass houses with plastic bodies draped in designer clothing and price tags to match,i will not be he,nor will I live for the sake of living,but to die in its end would be my greatest achievement.still my mind, keep it at peace, let the streams of truth and love flow freely,and may it fall quietly over this fa├žade like a veil hiding grief preserving all that was. i lay on earths floor watching the days and nights pass,feeling its warmth and coldness confuse me and again i am left running home.......write me a song oh song writer,sribble me a poem oh poet tell me a story oh painter type me some words oh writer.oh how the magic here seeps through my veins bringing to life what cannot be revived,oh how its blanket of darkness protects me from its brightness leaveing me at my human best,oh how lovely it is. oh what tragedy has become me that man has taken possession of my soul.....




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