poem by: Michaela Lewis
Written on Aug 29, 2017

Why does He hate one and love the other?
Does He love me or hate me, I sometimes wonder.
It’s sad to say but the answer I know.
It seems kind of clear from the way things go.
Others are healthy, happy, beautiful, and rich,
But with others like me there must be a glitch.
Try as I may to study and work really hard,
With all of my efforts I never get far.
I may work all day, but still I am broke
The money I earn just goes up in smoke.
Though I try to clean, my life’s such a mess
I may shoot for the target, but I always miss.
How is it others seem to do so great,
God must love them, but me he must hate.
God is bias for some, but not so for others
All of us sin, but he forgives some more than others.
Consider the sins of David and Saul
Which one of them did the most wrong?
Saul may not have followed the instructions he was sent
But David was much farther from innocent.
He slept with a woman not his to have
And ordered the murder of a faithful soldier he had.
Both were sorry but only one was forgiven.
Saul was rejected and from God he was driven.
Anninias and Saphira were wrong when they lied,
But it seems it doesn’t seem fair that they had to die.
Judas was sorry for what he had done,
Jesus prayed for Peter, but not for this one.
Why was Judas destined for failure?
Was everyone else really that much greater?
What makes God decide, I simply can’t see
He may love others, but he must hate me.


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