Future Me

poem by: Michaela Lewis
Written on Aug 29, 2017

They want me to be prepared
For the future that is near,
But the truth is I am scared
Because mine is unclear.
Now, I lay here in my bed,
My worries slowly eating me.
So many questions in my head
About how my future will be.
Will my dreams come true?
Will I find a house to call my own?
Will I find someone to turn to,
Or will I be forever alone?
These questions I ponder,
And so many more.
Yet, still, my heart grows fonder,
To the mystery my future has in store.


Tags: sad, love, faith, riddle, scary,

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Braverman waltz commented on Sep 10, 2017 at 6:58pm
if I be life then this be true, to stand and sit, to wander through, the maze of riddles the ocean wide, to fly the blue the open sky,but if I be here and it be there, then writing lines of faith appear, will tarry onward across the earth to show my future of childbirth,to show my future of childbirth.
Allan P Stevens commented on Nov 28, 2017 at 4:44pm
Nicely written with a good rhythmic flow. Good subject matter. I enjoyed reading.


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