Home, Sweet Home....

poem by: Frank Byrne/Hornby..
Written on Aug 29, 2017

"Reggie the parrot, climbed out of his cage,
flew out of an open door, now the whole world was his stage.
Up over the rooftops, into blue sky,
it was a litttle bit scary, as he'd never, ever flown so high!
But not before long, young Reggie was lost,
the price of his freedom, had come at a cost,
exhausted, and hungry Reg found a safe perch,
and he spent his first night, unaware of the big search.
The very next morning at the start of the new day,
two workmen spotted poor Reggie, and quickly phoned the RSPCA.
The parrots trauma now over, Reg had come to no harm,
he recognised happy family faces, and jumped on Joel's outstretched arm.
Now reunited with his family, Chloe, Joel, Dad Keith, and Mum Tish,
just to get Reggie back safely, was their one true wish.
So the outcome of the story, is clearly written in this poem,
and everyone is so happy, that Reggie is back home."


Tags: happy, love, humor, rhyme,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
A very happy ending indeed for Reggie and the family, we lost a cat a few years ago and the pain is always there...very well written Frank.
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Thank you Cecilia....Reggie is an African Grey parrot, and is very much a part of their family, and will be for many years to come.....thanks again Cecilia...
Robert Kohlhammer commented on Oct 14, 2017 at 8:58am
A poem to read aloud, feels very spontaneous.


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