Stronger Thought

poem by: Robert Folland
Written on Aug 26, 2017

To think it is funny to damper a kids dream,
Those on their way who have to deal with cruel scream;
It is you being crushed by the harsh reality of your ways,
In time you will regret and in hopes of a mortification of redemption,
Your words were so strong that they became a humanitarian.

Not all were so lucky to have taken your disgustful inadequate ways,
To have a human being down on their knee’s begging you to cease,
Dragged in the dust to a clandestine place, wondering why they dare to exists.

As they hold back the pain and hide those unforgivable bruises,
Everyone turns their back and fakes what you have to another in a circumspect way,
To their existence; none shy of yourself, the moment had seized and by then it was to late.


Tags: deep, hope,


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