Equal Heart’s

poem by: Robert Folland
Written on Aug 26, 2017

Equal Heart’s 

The feeling of hate is less than a myth, 
 Integrity lost, thus lost into a shadowy mist.
They look up, while heads are a frown,
 factual pressures that inevitably take them down.

Though words are just words, a stick and a stone,
The joke that’s only  funny to the ones who do not know.
When other’s looks up and another looks down,
The definition of brutality that becomes just another show,
The consequential empowerments,
 that no one else really knows.

“A day and a life”. “A day in their shoes”.
Those are analogies, unfortunately true.
The kid in the hall, the homeless on the street;
They heard the unjust voices, but never said retreat.

The ones who are different, 
the ones who are just the same,
The ones who define a simple purpose, 
That are not the ones to blame.


Tags: deep, hope,


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