A Shadowed Hope

poem by: Robert Folland
Written on Aug 26, 2017

For whom are we to judge a soul by it‘s cover,
It’s what’s inside that has most suffered.
For who are we without compassion,
That justifiable feeling that shows admiration.

To shadow another’s disadvantage with disregard,
With a shameful sense of glory and ill willed satisfaction,
A bullies intent actions that can be seen as most relevant.

The home we are from or the cloths that we wear,
Personable qualities in which should be proudly shown,
The color of our skin, creed or gender,
The integrity of a bully should give hope to never surrender.

The words are direct and hits hurt the same,
A bullies moral is what they should most shame.
To live a life without compassion and take them all the same,
Is a shadowed sense of glory in which they are to blame. 


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