The Ones Never Forgotten

poem by: Robert Folland
Written on Aug 26, 2017

To judge a book by its cover, 
Is just a way to cover your own moral.
The ones who are judged should be proud,
You earn that right to stand out in the crowd!

To a bullies sham and sense of glory;
Their feeling of self respect,
Is nothing but a shadow, someday they will regret.

The kid in the hall or the homeless on the street,
Their fight to regain what was once taken,
Are the who fight the hardest, who never said retreat.

The addict with a need to use,
Most times than not was a from a life they didn’t choose,
It was a pain they couldn’t handle from the anguish and abuse.

The ones who walk took their lives,
Who couldn’t take the pain,
 People thought their laugh’s and 
pleasure was a personal gain.

The cloths a person wears,
Size, creed or gender,
The home’s they are from,
Should it really matter! 
Their heart had always shun.


Tags: deep, hope,


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