All Creatures

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Aug 25, 2017


Oh! No! No all things are not bright and beautiful
There is a darker aspect to creation
Must it be ever so in this holy alchemist’s crucible?
At least for the span of current iteration 
The cockroach, spider and serpent have their dominion
While lion and jackal dine on deer and zebra
Our lives don’t all play out in a fair Elysium
But a diverse world to be faced without anaesthesia
Do you therefore crave perfect heaven as your apogee
With neither conflict, nor any challenge dared
Where dragons’ breath is tepid and tigers eat broccoli
And time would pass in unending blandness shared
Perhaps the Ancient Mariner gave resolution in his confessing
Liberation came when he granted each creature his blessing


Tags: faith, deep, hope,


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