Wisdom and Age

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Aug 25, 2017

When I was young my folly knew no bounds.
Though some may say the perimeter’s been extended.
I now confess my ignorance, giving me grounds
To think that some false knowledge has been amended
Full many have sought enlightenment as their quest
Some ascended peaks of wisdom and marked the way
Yet interspersed their lives with faults manifest
Transcendent knowledge could not lift feet of clay
So perhaps a degree of common sense and prudence
Would be a more rewarding aspiration
Giving increased self respect and sin’s avoidance 
To live lives with more fulfilling destination
Still I hope that I achieve before my demise
A state of being a little less unwise

But then again……..

Away with common sense and ruling caution
I no longer have the time for such restriction
I’ll not go with care and mete out every portion
But live life without consent or benediction
There are two diverse types of sin which to admonish
There are those of commission in other words ‘the done ones’
Then those we should’ve but didn't, and it may astonish
We feel guilt though without the pleasure of ‘the fun ones’
Now if we do, there's a risk of errant action
So we shy the primrose path to the permanent bonfire
But should we do nought, our inaction ensures infraction
So we might as well take our chance and perhaps reach higher
Though in deeds that damage another we may be chagrined
Let us otherwise throw caution to the wind


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