Song of a Protestor

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Aug 25, 2017

How sweet to have a conscience that is clear
I approve myself for righteousness conspicuous
And support all worthy politics, no fear
That I’d be charged as fascist or avaricious
Equality and fairness are my watchwords
You’ve more than me? I’ll be like Robin of Locksley
I’ll take from you, imprimatur conferred
With government activated as my proxy
If it’s green and peaceful then it must be noble
Never mind that it removes your free volition
We know what’s best for all, and with governance global
We’ll have no strife, just placid full submission
Disagree with me? I won’t ask you on what basis
For I know the reason is: you’re a bigoted racist 


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Christopher Russon commented:
Good for thought.Nice one.


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