poem by: Martyn Grindrod
Written on Aug 18, 2017


Nestled deep into Pennine Moors
Where Heights Wuthered
West Riding of White Rose 
Jealousy guarded by blackbirds and crows 

Enshrouded between swales and hollows
Look over shoulder something follows
Ghosts and ghouls behind you brood
Apothecary intake stifles my mood 

In harshest of severe winters 
When river banks burst to gloom
Three Hardy sisters named Brontë
Hatched a nom de plume

Currer,Acton and Ellis Bell 
Formed as water levels did swell 
Women writers surprise 1800's populace
With dashings of feminine grace

In death their fame more grew 
Life taken too early more true  
Borne from life of drear
Fame and fortune found no panacea 

Now their spirits prowl in adversity
Cats and dogs sense extra sensory
Shadowy graveyards protected by rooks  
Beautiful Haworth village of spooks 

thank you 


Tags: sad, depressing, deep, scary, fear,

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Braverman waltz commented on Sep 10, 2017 at 7:03pm
fingers write where fear has fallen, copied twisted youth is calling, longing looking for angels breath, to tame the day of tomorrows test.
Christopher Russon commented on Nov 12, 2017 at 10:58am
Another lovely poem Martyn.i musts do some research love this one.


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