Sweet Thing

poem by: Martyn Grindrod
Written on Aug 17, 2017

Sweet Thing 

A butterfly whispers a solitaire kiss 
A cinnamon smile in perfect bliss 
Honey drips on Marzipan lips
A smile , A dimple , A gentle wisp

Demerara adorns your sweet tongue
I'm so glad you've invited me along 

Oh sweet thing 
Be mine for evermore 
Kiss my cheek and forever 
Make my knees weak 

thank you 


Tags: happy, love, rhyme, encouraging, wishful,

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Frank byrne commented:
Nice poem...you have a brilliant way with your description Martyn...e.g..."Marzipan lips,"......very clever...
Martyn Grindrod commented:
Cheers Frank. Heady praise my friend.
Christopher Russon commented on Oct 26, 2017 at 11:34pm
Awsome poem Martyn love this one.


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