The Ten Plaugues

poem by: Alice Inwonderland
Written on Aug 16, 2017

We talk of history, like it happened long ago
Unable to see, in our present its echo 
But these story book events are not passing thoughts
For we continue to colour each grey snap shot

The ten plagues of Egypt began with a river 
A stamp to the world that would send on a shiver
Making its mark, it turned a raw red
Setting course, a tide of blood shed

The river it flowed throughout sand and time
Drowning all in its path, killing all in its line
But Tsunami and flood filled eyes still spill
As this flesh famished river, continues to kill 

Frogs dead in masses, filled the water with disease
These slime covered creatures, an unbreakable siege
Poisonous ridden, though their green may now hide
No change can be seen where they still reside

The tainted ocean lay brimmed with its catch
Dead creatures and insects caused lice to attach
But as rotting soared then, so it soars here
Our corpses lay hallow with the past that’s so near

Death ensues and all livestock it seeks
Cows, horses, donkeys, cattle and sheep
No rest for the living, humans must weep
History it knocks but our eyes are asleep

Boils from the furnace will fester on men
The disgust they have caused will show no end
No need for marks to reveal wicked faces
For now their voices call out from all places

A storm of thunder, like no other before
Volcanic rock and fire did pour
Tornados and floods destruction takes cloak
Continuing to absorb us all in its smoke

Locusts, a downpour covered the face of the ground
So that trees and homes were no longer to be found
And although standing today, they are falling apart
As continuing we tread tirelessly, back to the start

Darkness for three days, not a blinker of light
Fear like no other will tear at your sight
And now the night calls heavy and hard
Each one of us frightened at this existence we’ve carved

Then finally one last harsh and fatal blow
For all of the first born sons would unwillingly go
And so the wailing of time still shrieks for one day
When our world will stop turning and go a different way.


Tags: sad, rhyme, metaphor, deep, hope,

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Christopher Russon commented:
This is a very Well written poem .thought provoking.
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Wow! Alice........nothing ever happens exciting like that, round our way! ........seriously though...good poem..
Alice inwonderland commented:
Thank you once again Christopher :)
Alice inwonderland commented: all sounds exciting until you're in the midst of it! Thanks for your nice comment, Frank :)
Braverman waltz commented on Sep 10, 2017 at 7:13pm
scripture torn and again it says, of man s reaching of a coming end,followed on, by the wailing wall, where human talk has ceased to fall,i say in sleep encumbering where meaning lost is commenting.where all is all ending.


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