Trivial Control

poem by: Delve Deeper
Written on Aug 11, 2017

You used to be so smart now look at what you've become
yeah, so smart that now I'm suddenly dumb?
how is it that everyone else knows what is best for me
with the exception I, myself and me? It doesn't equate to we.
So many opinions, arguments, and manipulations
lists of laws, ammendments, rules and stipulations
Do as your told, not as I do
seems to be the iron fisted rule
you wish I would just follow
but sorry, knock, knock my head is hollow
keep adding insult to injury
you never wanted the full story
so many you didn'ts, and oh but I dids
the difference being I'm no longer a kid
you'd have to listen to actually hear
first comes first but no you don't want to start there
but sure why not? I'm the one who's wrong
we'll just keep dancing that same dance and song
I'll admit I've never been an innocent
between me and God is where I repent
don't you trust the lessons you taught?
or is it lost control that is secretly sought?
why is it so hard to understand?
to cross the street I don't need a held hand
I don't need a prince charming
why is this so alarming?
Is it that hard to believe?
I know how to roll up my own sleeve
uh oh here comes a sneeze
everyone comes running,oh geez
so hard to believe I'm doing just fine
this life that is led is no one elses but mine.


Tags: sad, anger, depressing, deep, confused,


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