poem by: Delve Deeper
Written on Aug 08, 2017

A moment in time when two forces collide
resounding impressions reverberate and reside
a hold of breath, a long standing stare
the look, the feel of momentarily aware
a know, the belief, a root implanted painfully deep
a moment awakened from this dreamful state of sleep
the knowing yet not knowing at all
the leaves turn to color, then wither and fall
time passes unequivocally on
the reds, and oranges of yet another dawn
a moment, a dream
under the light of the same moonbeam
somewhere in this universe of cosmic wonderment
swept in a sea of paradoxal current
was a moment, a dream, of you and me
like currents passing in sweet harmony.


Tags: love, deep, hope, wishful,

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Robert Kohlhammer commented:
Very vivid and descriptive, feels like as good a poem as I would find in poetry magazines.
Delve Deeper commented:
Thank you for your kind words


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