Primary School...

poem by: Frank Byrne/Hornby..
Written on Jul 30, 2017

"I'd love to be back in primary school,
just to play in the schoolyard, and again act the fool,
living my days without a care, often getting stuck up a tree
because of a dare.
Running dangerously along a back entry wall,
no it never entered my head, that I might trip up, and fall,
always playing out in the rain, getting wetter, and wetter, and if 
I bumped my little head, mum would just kiss it better.
The sheer joy of living! with so much playing to be done,
worries were for the grown ups, my life was pure fun.
Oh, to rewind the years, wouldn't that really be cool,
honest, I'd love to be back in my old primary school."


Tags: happy, sad, love, rhyme, wishful,

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Christopher Russon commented:
Oh they were the days Frank .Nice one.
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Carefree times Chris.....times I love to recall, .....thanks for your comment mate......
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Most people have bad memories of their school days, but you fall into the category of those who have great memories and would love to be back, I'm somewhere in between,,,good one Frank.
Steven Godfrey commented:
Schooldays were the best days Frank , another honestly written, lovely read , good poem
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Hahaha...I can still hear the bedlam coming from the schoolyard!.......😂Love it!.....hahaha...thanks again Steven....


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