Please Forgive...

poem by: Ms. Micki
Written on Jul 29, 2017

There was a third sight in my eye that day because I wanted this shattering message to quickly leave me...
You devastatingly cried because your daddy unexpectedly died in a shocking way
I broke down and devastatingly cried because I instinctively felt that your daddy may accidentally pass away and did in an uncertain way...
Was it divine intervention 3 months earlier, 
Me trying not to pay attention to his leisurely moped ride on a sunny spring day 
Then something within spoke to me
A warning, message or horrible thought
That he would have a pain in his chest, maybe heart,cardiac arrest or accident on his moped
I couldn't understand
An intuitive read?
Was this a confusing or convoluted passing thought?
Not a manifestation of tragedy for a man that I had only joyfully seen ride his moped home to his family
God I fought with this message in my head...
Maybe I was tired, wrong or crazy...
Please I will take any of these pleas even insanity
To return him safely to his loved ones who buried him a month before father's day
My intuitive thought was almost wrong
A painful outcome still in the end
On his last night
Walked to the store to buy a lotto ticket
In the unforgiving night
Where his final step on a medium while crossing a busy street would tragically collide with a ford pickup truck...
Driver said, he couldn't see him
He was rushed to the hospital and never returned to the wayside among his family
A small memorial of flowers marked on the medium where his last earthly steps remained
His adult daughter, daddy's girl, I see with her family
I tried to give my heartfelt condolences
Her husband says that she struggles with his loss the most
He wasn't ill and they didn't know that he would be tragically taken
I'm struggling with how, why, and could I have done something to help change his fate?
God please be with her, heal her and her family while they say goodbye to her daddy/pawpaw
Finishing community college in his early 50's
Pursuing his dream to open and own a clothing store
Daddy's girl I am at a loss for words
From the bottom of my soul,there are no other words that I know to share how truly sorry I am
That you lost your hero, protector, best-friend
Your Daddy
A kind and good family man
He watches from above and rides with angels
If I may also humbly ask of God and You,
Please forgive me for the undelivered message that I wrestled with,
didn't trust, understand, want to feel, know how to share and accept to see...
I'm wholeheartedly and deeply sorry... 



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Ja Ja commented:
Touching stories melt our heart. Especially when, loved ones depart


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