Coup D'etat

poem by: Julius Brian Cruz
Written on Jul 24, 2017

As the light will falter, let's start a coup de etat.
Let's be real for starters, lay down my coup de grace.
Kneel down for the king speaks, his crown radiates from the peak.
Just like a lion's shriek, one word can break your streak.

They named me unrighteous, standing there differently.
Awaken and conscious, I call myself selfishly.
Apart from the ray of light, most declare as holy.
Never want to start a fight, proving your pointless fallacy.

Many say I am foolish, living my life crookedly.
Well now look who's devilish, judging your own kin hardly.
Annoying whines fro m your mouth, declaring what's right and just.
All the summer flew south, still you are the one they can't trust

So as the words reach its end, hear the final decree.
No to fighting yes to mend, let all beliefs be free.
Instead of religion, that put the world in division.
Let's start conversations, and again be in reunion...


Tags: rhyme, faith, anger, deep, hate,

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Braverman waltz commented on Sep 10, 2017 at 6:25pm
I think aloud at speakers corner where all the same is gathering,for I am here where I had started to speak of words scattering.


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