Aria of Souls

poem by: Julius Brian Cruz
Written on Jul 24, 2017

The God among men, at last revealed his presence.
He shall relinquish shadows and bring the land luminescence.
Kneel before the glory, the wonders that we may never see.
Deem thyself unworthy, judgement has come to find me.

Heralds of thunder and storm, chorus among our wasted lands.
The thin line amidst night and day, twilights before the scheme of grand.
Even Aeon’s hourglass, stalled the spill of its sand.
Beyond all things known, answers lies upon his hand.

Bow before thee, creator of light and dark.
He ravaged the lands, yet saved it through an ark.
He sent his only son, and cleanse the world of sin.
Never shall be forgotten, Judas came from the same resin.

Glory to the unflawed being, his reign shall be in perpetuum.
May souls shall have a place, upon the sacred sanctum.
Let the fires of Gehenna, punish those who condone thee.
Foolish are those worthy, Sins have come to find me......


Tags: rhyme, faith, metaphor, deep, riddle,


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