You Can't Have This

poem by: Ms. Micki
Written on Jul 22, 2017

Please remove your hand from the cookie jar of my thoughts
These are my original ideas that your greedy nature is trying to consume
Be careful with your boundaries
Originality was given to each soul for their own unique voice
Medium ship is divinely gifted to those who open their spiritual awareness to connect to the divine
"Tap" in to the divinity within your self rather than leech onto other's energy to reclaim for self
Your theft will come to light
Whether you sleep peacefully or toss at each turn in the night
I will not arouse your energy because the truth will reveal your nature 
Your name is your integrity to defame or re-frame
If you ask nicely, I would have shared
Fortunately my forgiveness runs deep and equally my memory I keep
Your name on my "feed with a long spoon" list
So never to blindly give you my trust
Only I walk away in peace
Smiling, because I know ideas are infinite and come from source
So when your ready
Open up to the divinity in self and claim the beauty that grows within
Nurture your thoughts and share with care
Caution though...
For there are hungry opportunists that eagerly feast somewhere...




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