In loneliness I stand

poem by: David MaxOptimism
Written on Jul 13, 2017

I stand in this home void of family and friends 
 can not judge them abandoning me when 
to restart this journey on life’s path alone

I vow not to make the mistakes of my youth 
 because youth of mind I do not have 
time is the enemy I’m fighting to conquer 
 loneliness the curse that seek to conquer me 

I’m not a choir boy
 nor man of the cloth 

I am a sinner this I confess  
 with wisdom of age I apt not to engage
to win this decree at getting life right 

alone I stand 

to those of my past that I caused pain or hurt 
 I say to you in these words; my goals was to achieve
however, my acts was cruel 
 for that I sincerely apologize to all 

this house once filled with laughter 
 now horridly quiet
forces me.. for once, to face the man inside 
 alone here I stand in the wee hours 
searching for a beginning to escape the past 

sad I couldn’t see how blind I had been 
 in mischief and sin 
my heart is open my conscious clear 
 if love find it’s way to me I will embrace it dear 

to friends I’ve lost family that’s astray 
 to you I can only say... 
to carry the past into the future is to deny oneself 
 the joys to come 
so I say to the past; good bye!  

If loneliness to be my consult 
 then together we shall stand 
let there be no doubt 
 I’m no longer a hellion man 
futurity of pursue, ready… or not


Tags: sad, faith, encouraging, hope, wishful,


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