No New Start

poem by: Ms. Micki
Written on Jul 10, 2017

Not Sorry
No new start here...
Grew far away from you
One day, not today
A breathe of fresh air without a care
Manifesting my happy ending with self
While I build my pentacles up right
On a strong foundation free of cracks,
Harmony's wind under my wings
Prayer, intuition and meditation in just the right doses
Repairing the years of lessons and teachings I learned
My mantra for now
Rebuild, regenerate, repair
Cycle complete
The wheel of fortune has turned
Thank you for the lessons and blessings
New possibilities line the horizon of tomorrow
Will I join you?
Not again
I jumped off of our carousel of madness with my integrity intact
And my inner peace almost forgotten
I fought my shadow side and wallowed in anger that harbored borderline self pity
To verbally spar with my feather weights
At the cost of graying my hair and weakening my heart...
Lesson's learned from a young grasshopper seeking inner guidance on the roller coaster of two steppin left energy to a 3 beat paradyme
Shifting to grace in a better mental space to never build bridges where destiny is forced yet respected and fated   




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