I Long To Know

poem by: Ms. Micki
Written on Jul 07, 2017

Would you recognize me passed my olive skin and hazel eyes?
Could you see through my skin?
Where we once knew each other
Can you see the past lives in my eyes?
Would my scent confuse our history?
Where time was boundless and I was made with you
My twin, are you lost in the flame of another time?
Are you in another incarnation far from me?
Meet me in a place where our lessons are learned
And our dharma is achieved
I long and wait to be reunited with the other part of me
Until then, I wait hoping to meet you soon before another eternity


Tags: deep, confused, abstract,

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Braverman waltz commented on Sep 10, 2017 at 6:31pm
....dotted lines of upside down letters intertwined,castles built falling down twice the sadness rhyme,this is the simple of simplicity covered in color green,to tell of tales long ago where love is enternally.


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