One Shot Love

poem by: Paddy Clegg
Written on Jul 06, 2017

One Shot Love

Do we really only get one shot of love?
When just the one go might not be enough
Something worth having deserves more than one try
It can’t be that love is in such short supply

Something as wonderful as a flower
Cannot be run on limited power
The energy felt when two hearts combine
Gives credence to the theory of intelligent design

It’s not desperation and nor is it greed
When if at first you don’t succeed
I think it is our destiny as human beings
To fall in love and share our feelings

Love is the reason why we are alive
There is a reward for which we should strive
Trust in your feelings and relinquish control
For love as a feeling is its’ own goal

Sometimes success is felt in the first kiss
But sadly at times Cupid can miss
Affairs of the heart have an intricate weave
Practice makes perfect, or so I believe

So if love lets you down do not despair
There is an aroma of love in the air
I have so much love it’s hard to contain
And I do declare it’s my turn again

Any one must see at a glance that if men and women marry those
whom they do not love,
they must love those whom they do not marry.
Harriet Martineau


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