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poem by: Braverman Waltz
Written on Jul 04, 2017

Human is my flaw a deliberate mistake a correction.

Close my eyes and spare thee sight from fame lead me not to the knowing hold me for I am lame,cast no shadow upon this name I beg of you, stay.what writing is this that I with no pen on tablet write what words are these?who are they that read this? Who are they like like I like you? Hear us through our ears hear us.I erase words to complete a sentence I think about what to write to confirm this yet still I have never met you yet still you remain stayed.answer 
me......no more questions no more findings no more but evrything......ha ha ha ah ha ha HHS HHS shj dj j sj


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Frank byrne commented:
I think you should be led back into your dark room .....just in time for your medication!............hahaha......


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