poem by: Janet Vick
Written on Jan 11, 2014

In a weaver’s web
dyed with confusion.

created knots,
a grand delusion.

connected spirals,
wild illusions...

rekindled Faith,
prayer resolution.   


Tags: faith, inspirational,

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greg woods commented:
I've read this several times, trying to get into the zone, I like to understand it before I comment. All I can say is this must be how a prawn feels after it escapes the cast net, well done Janet.
Freesa Khan commented:
It's beautiful how you describe the struggle of faith and one's inner emotions. Well said! :)
George McLaren commented:
How Beautiful Janet. Succinct, poetical, brief and so so true. Prayer is a wonderful thing. It allows you to be. Just be. Still. Which is the essence of Love/ God. George.
Gabriela Fuentes commented on Nov 24, 2017 at 10:48pm
Your words are wise


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