The end

poem by: Braverman Waltz
Written on Jul 04, 2017

Where have I been? To the wall and back to the sink of dirty dishes where eating once was a task and leaving was needed,where have I been to that street where memories cease to exist and the only light there was was the one I dragged along with me,where have I been?to the question mark to borrow again and then to pause feeling a sharp pain In My chest,in other words I never left this prison for it's bars are what I play on and each note like the next sounds different to the last and each song written has already been sung,and that's without the mike.where have I been,away with the fairies they stole my teeth I had to ask for them back they said no we sold them I said to whom they said to the ferryman,i said oh.boxes are stacked by my door I have no where to go I lay awake thinking I drive I walk ride a cycle run to the bus run from a tram sit in a movie theatre and cry,I lie,in the dark I'm too afraid to's when the lights are on that I pretend to wipe my's when I see people that I truly understand the movie,I mean why sit in front of a screen for over an hour watching life pass you by,and pay to do makes perfect nonsense and apparently it's worth more than the movie ticket.the end.




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