Time To Get Tough!....

poem by: Frank Byrne
Written on Jun 27, 2017

"I remember boyhood games, like "kick the can,"
we never thought of, "happy slapping,"
or beating up an old man.
We played endless hours of football,  or "alallio," in the street,
we never dreamed of going out, "mugging," 
or finding a defenceless old lady to "beat!"
"Off ground tick", was another innocent game,
Now blowing up telephone boxes! makes our games look tame.
"Catch the girl, kiss the girl," might now sound a bit naff,
but we didn't need to kill animals, just to give us a laugh.
There was no tearing around the roads,
In an expensive, knock off car,
"Just you dare bring the police to our house!"
Was enough warning, off my Ma!
Now the law of today, has to say, "Right that's enough!"
Let's put the Kid gloves away!....Now it really is time to get tough!"


Tags: sad, rhyme, anger, depressing, fear,

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Steven Godfrey commented:
Sign of the times Frank , discipline is sadly lacking in many homes these days , punishment never fits the crimes either ...more good writing ...keep them coming
Frank byrne commented:
These crimes seem to be more common ......no respect .......thanks Steven...


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