poem by: Tara Marie
Written on Jun 26, 2017

With each step we take together I’ll always want u to be right by side. My love I’ll always want you to keep. With the words that you speak. Sounds crazy. But they make my heart skip a beat. Your words. The words they come together. Making beautiful melodies.

Time’ll tell is how the saying goes. Taking strides towards that one specific goal. Mostly the walk will have to be sweet. Just like the smell of your hair. That smells like a brand new spring day. Fresh flowers permeating thru air. Coming my way.

No need to pinch me. I know I’m not dreaming. I can feel the soft dewiness of ur smooth skin. With feelings exuding from you coming from deep within. Your soul flows leaving me walking upright on my toes. With ur lovely scent. I can follow u with my eyes closed. 

I hope when I tell u. Please don't lead me to the end. You are my dream. My dream come true. I never ever will stop loving you. Go high, go low. For now believe me when I say. Please God please let this be the one I always felt. But never knew. Because u are my dream come true.


Tags: happy, love, rhyme, deep, imagery,


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