poem by: Tara Marie
Written on Jun 26, 2017

I heard a song today that made me think of you. It brought  tears to my eyes. I thought I was done with these overbearing feelings and done with u. But then I realized it’s just like the aching of my heart. 
When you moved on and left me behind. Because you were no longer mine. I was so blind. Blind to see. because I was caught up in the fairytale that you sold me. Even though my head was saying no this can’t be true. My heart took over and I jumped in head first. 
I loved the fantasy so I willingly let go and reached in grabbing deeply all there was to take. I never felt like that before. I felt it deep within my core. Which scared me. But you always told me that I needed to love deeply and to be grateful for all that you had to share because you werent going anywhere. 
By my side you would always be. So I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. Until that day it came to light you were nothing but my enemy in disguise. Now I’m here all alone with nothing else but heartache and pain to show. 
Looking back I now know I was easy game. I will never be the same. Which isn’t all that bad. Knowledge I have gained. Now I just have one thing to say. Thank you for showing me your backwards ways. I will never forget. No not even for a day. 


Tags: sad, anger, depressing, pain, hate,


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