poem by: Tara Marie
Written on Jun 26, 2017

Here I am again not able to sleep. Thinking about all the things I want to share. Knowing one day soon you will be here. With me in your arms holding me oh so tight not letting go with all your might. 
I know this to be true just as i know the sky is blue. I can’t wait until our fate is where we need and want it to be. Where karma is no longer pushing us away. Intertwined we will be. Magic happening so effortlessly. 
The smoothness of your skin I can finally feel deep within. As we look into one another’s eyes, Looking past what lies beneath. The window of the soul as we so willingly lose control. Feeling the flair that has always been there. 
There is so much warmth that we feel. It’s hard to believe that together we are actually soon to be. And will become one in the same as we call out each others name. 


Tags: love, deep, hope, imagery, wishful,


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